A tiny game / interactive comic about what I think a lot of us feel like when trying to be a functional member of society 🐸.

♪ Music by Ashley Claassen!

Below is also the downloadable version for Windows!


Downloadable Ver.zip 25 MB


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Realism 5/5


I played this to completion, but I had to take a couple of breaks. My hand got tired from all the spinning on a track pad. Would it be possible to add an alternate control scheme or an auto-forward mode? This game is really funny, and I'd hate to have people dislike it because they became bored part way through.

Aww thank you for the feedback! I was definitely getting the same concern about all the spinning as I was making the game LMAO. I would definitely have worked on how the game progressed if I had more time, and added some things like alternate endings! But alas I was already a day over the due date since this was an assignment SKDFS it was kinda very quickly thrown together cuz I made it between having a stomach bug haha. If I come back to it, it's definitely something I'd want to improve on! At the very least for now maybe the mechanic can be a metaphor for burnout too hahaha,,

Thank you!

I wondered if it was for a class based on the file name. I don't think it needs multiple endings, and the spinning is a cool mechanic that you don't see anywhere else. It does seem like a metaphor for time seeming to extend forever. Alternate endings might have been cool  because they add more replay value, but they aren't necessary

 I know the feeling of working on an assignment when ill all too well. I hope you get a good grade for this!

Will you be posting more of your finished assignments here?