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A magic portal to hell seemed to open up on earth. All sorts of demons and ghosts and weirdos have been spilling out, and they’re… lonely?!

A print and play version of the card-based party game Devil Date Night!

Players use cards to build monstrous characters and try to convince their date to go out with them!

All images are used under creative commons license. If you see your image used in here and would like it removed, please message me!

Install instructions

The .zip file comes with a .pdf of the rules and two .pdf's of the cards - a version without backings and a version with backings.

The backings version is aligned so that you can simply print back-to-back and have the cards come out correctly!

The print and play version does not come with tokens, but I'm sure you can find a suitable substitute! Like sticks, or bees!

Excuse how pixelated the logo is on the rules, it's formatted to look alright when printed A5 haha.


Devil Date Night.zip 11 MB

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